Flats and villas Promoting

Doing new flats and individual villas construction and promoting in and around south india.We introduce flats and villas in favour to customers with the minimised rate and our flats and villas are in the best locations.

Construction Contracts

Company is doing all type of buildings construction work ( residential, commertial, industrial , educational and road works) on contracting basic.

Building Upgrading works

We are also doing upgraded work of existing building to increase the lifespan and to recreate the better functionalities based upon the requirment demanded by clients.

Turnkey Projects

Delivering projects with A to Z activities to the clients in time.

Project Management consultant

Assisting the clients in all construction related sectors and help them to get clear ideas on their requirments. Eg – All construction activities , Costing & Estimation , Planning , Technical clarifications on all materials etc.

Building Annual Maintenance

Doing full construction annual maintanance of all big projects.